Woods 72″ Rock Rake LRS72

  • LRS72

Woods LRS72

Woods landscape rakes are built for all conditions – from tough clean-up jobs to light-duty lawn care and general landscape maintenance. With rugged durability and top-quality construction, Woods Landscape Rakes will be a go-to tool for years to come.

High-strength, box-type beams and spring-steel tines handle rocks, dirt, and sand.  Adjustable angles and 360-degree pivot control flow of material to left, right, or center.  One-inch tine spacing provides superior material collection for a smooth, even grade.


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  • 72-inch working width
  • Three-point hitch: Limited Cat 1 and Cat 1
  • Tractor Engine HP: up to 30 hp
  • Heavy pivot components increase product longevity
  • Optional gauge wheels and parking stand
  • ASABE quick-hitch compatibility