Plate Compactor

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Plate compactors are small but powerful. These machines are a great choice for smaller jobs and can be used by homeowners and commercial contractors alike. Uses include asphalt and pothole repair, landscaping and general compaction, including back-filling foundations. These units work well for compacting gravel, sand, crushed aggregate, and mixed cohesive soil. 

Rental Requirements

  • Fuel tank must be full on return
  • A day rental equals 8 hours usage on metered machines

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The WP premium plate series feature a patented computer designed base plate that has a tapered bottom and edges for high speed and excellent maneuverability. Designed for the compaction of granular, mixed materials with some cohesive content. These plates have set the standard for performance and durability in confined areas such as parking lots, highway and bridge construction, next to structures, curbs and abutments. WP plates are also popular for landscape applications for subbase and paver compaction.