Generator 6.6KW

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Portable generator power designed for construction and rental applications or anywhere high performance, reliable power is needed. Built with heavy-duty frames and premium components to provide long, trouble-free operation even in abusive environments. Compact and quiet generator is ideal for powering a variety of equipment including high starting amperage tools.

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Operating data

Operating weight with Fuel 229.8 lb
Circuit breaker AC – 1 Phase 2 Pole 27 A
Receptacles AC Outlet (2) 125V, 20A Duplex
Receptacles AC Outlet 125/ 250V, 30A Twst Loc
Receptacles AC Outlet 125V, 30A Twist Lock

Electrical system

Electrical power Max. Output 6,600 W
Electrical power Continuous Power 6,000 W
Voltage AC – 1 Phase 120/ 240 V
Current AC – 1 Phase 50/ 25 A
Frequency 60 Hz
Power factor 1 cos Φ 1~
Generator model AVR With Brushes
Power Rating Specification SAE J1349